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Yummy Foods That Can Be Eaten Past Their Expiration Date





There’s a good reason why people are wary of expiration dates. After all, food can lose its taste once it is no longer fresh. However, there are some that can still be consumed past the “best before” seal.

According to experts, the expiration dates are set to ensure that consumers will eat the product before its quality declines. However, you can rest assured that the food is still safe to consume. With the right care and condition, most foods can actually last longer and maintain their taste. Here are delicious foods that can be eaten past their expiration dates.


The great thing about bread is that it can still be eaten as long as it doesn’t have molds. Just remember that moldy bread needs to be disposed of right away.

Expiration Date Longevity: Packaged bread can last up to five to seven days at room temperature. If you want it to last for up to three months, you’ll need to pop it in the freezer.

Breakfast Cereals

Who doesn’t love having cereal for breakfast? Luckily, a box of unopened cereal can stay fresh for a surprisingly long time. However, they can easily get stale once the box has been opened.

Expiration Date Longevity: A box of cereal (unopened) can last for six to eight months past the “best before” seal.


This might come as a surprise, but raw fish has a lengthy shelf life, as long as it’s frozen.

Expiration Date Longevity: When frozen, smoked fish can last for three to six months. Commercially frozen fish can be kept a little longer, lasting up to 10 to 12 months as long as it stays in the freezer.

Raw Meats And Poultry

Got an extra turkey left in the freezer? You can probably still save it until next Thanksgiving. Raw meats and poultry can be stored for a long time provided that they stay in the freezer.

Expiration Date Longevity: Ground meat can last up to three to four months as long as it is frozen. Interestingly, frozen chicken or turkey can stay in the freezer for up to a year.


There is little doubt that fresh pasta is best when cooked right away. However, it can actually last longer if you pop it in the freezer.

Expiration Date Longevity: Fresh pasta, as well as cooked pasta, can keep for six to eight months if frozen. However, dry pasta can still be used one to two years past its “best before” seal.


Nobody wants spoiled eggs. Nevertheless, you can still rest assured that you can create a perfect omelet with eggs that are a little older than what the carton suggests.

Expiration Date Longevity: You can still use eggs up to three to five weeks after purchase. Hard-boiled eggs can be kept up to a week in the freezer.

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