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Woman Transforms Old Clothes To Fashionable Pieces





Trends come and go. One minute a specific style is such a huge trend, the next minute it no longer is.

Thanks to one woman’s creativity, she managed to transform her family’s old clothes into something we all would like to buy. These transformations didn’t cost much, but the results are absolutely amazing.

Several years ago, Sarah Tyau became interested in sewing clothes.

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After giving birth to her firt baby girl, Sarah began recycling old clothes. What started out as an effort to save some money, transforming old clothes into fashionable pieces quickly became a hobby for the mother-of-three.

Sarah realized that she didn’t have to buy expensive clothes in order to look stylish.

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She sources the clothes from thrift stores, family members, friends, and also from her own closet.

Source: Instagram

She has since transformed a lot of items, turning them into beautiful outfist for her daughters and herself.

Sarah perfected her skills but her technique was still really simple- cut something, attach something else.

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She eventually perfected her sewing techniques and is planning to create her own clothing line.

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Having three young children and bills to pay, it’s understandable why Sarah resorted to this idea. With over 130k followers on Instagram, people are clearly enjoying her work.

Sometimes all she had to do was to make minor adjustments to fit them perfectly.

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However, some new pieces had no trace of how it originally looked like.

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The creative mom is reminding everyone that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good and feel good.

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Sometimes, making your own clothes is more meaningful than buying from the store.

Source: Instagram

Sarah shares some tips on how to tranform your old clothes to new stylish ones on her YouTube channel.

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