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Who Pays The Bill On The First Date? How These Teens Settled Their Bill Is Plain Hilarious

Girls love guys who pay. But some don’t.


Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner, and most people will definitely plan to go out on a date on this very special day. Most couples do something special on their Valentines date – something that they don’t normally do on a weekend. They may go to a really fancy restaurant and splurge, or they may decide to experience nature and go on that perpetually-postponed camping trip.  For most couples, dating during Valentines Day helps keep the flame of romance burning. It is a chance for them to show their commitment, and an opportunity to make their significant other feel special, appreciated, and most of all, loved.


Photo credit: TheNextWeb

However, going out on a date as a couple and dating for the first time are entirely two different things. Those who have been dating for the tenth, or the fifteenth, or the two hundred and fifty seventh time are already comfortable with each other and most likely have their expectations set. But what about those who will be going out on their first date? Nearly all people who go out on first dates wish to impress the people that they are going out with, so they will try to make everything memorable and save up for that special day.

BUT, one awkward question hangs in the air during that memorable first date – who should pay the bill?

Teenagers often ask their parents for money so they can go out on a date.


Some ask money from older siblings.


During the first date, a guy will try to impress the girl by acting chivalrous and paying the bill.


On the other hand, girls don’t want to feel that they owe the guy anything so they insist to pay the bill.


BUT, a big but, who gets to pay the bill? Wong Fu Productions filmed a video that describes dating during the teenage years.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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Now you know who should pay the bill on the first date, and how to avoid washing dishes. So make sure that you don’t go out empty handed on your first date!

Share this video and make someone smile. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bonus Video: Best Date Ever!

Credits: WongFu Productions
H/T: WeReblog


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As it turned out, Eva's soft unique voice is just perfect to create a beautiful harmony when they performed the heartfelt song "Hero" by the band Family of the Year. These two siblings are unbelievably talented on their own, but together they seem unstoppable.

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This Intelligent Bird Played with His Owner! What He Does? I Can’t Believe it!

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We already know there are intelligent birds that can perform tricks such as following instructions, doing something beyond normal and talking to someone. One particular birds that is known to do such things is the parakeet. The parakeets are considered not only as intelligent birds but also as having wonderful characteristics such as being sociable and can easily be trained. The parakeets can immediately adapt to their environment. They are known as good-humored and good-natured birds. Sometimes they can become mischievous which you will gladly enjoy. And they are very friendly.

Just like Cody, the parakeet in the video. He has a distinct talent that showed how a parakeet can be playful.  Cody loves to play peekaboo with his owner. And it never gets old! He also loves kisses and says “Hi Cody!” to himself, over and over again!

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