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Weird ‘Facekini’ Fashion is Taking Over China’s Beaches





The list is endless, but the “facekini” is reportedly used as a shield when a straw hat and sunglasses just won’t cut it under the glare of the merciless sun.

Although with China’s heavily polluted air, how the sun can manage to shine through the soupy smog is open to question.

In the event the sun does manage to shine through, Chinese beach lovers can still enjoy the sea and sand without damaging their much-touted porcelain skin.

Despite looking like one of the villains from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

On the other hand, if some people want absolute anonymity while hobnobbing it on the seashore, these facekinis are just the thing. Especially if they discover someone else wearing the same swimsuit.

At least they have different colored latex masks to tell them apart.

These facekinis are so popular, enthusiasts are wearing them for other sun-baring activities, as well.

Like working out at the poolside, for instance.

Or to go skiing.

Or to frighten everyone within glancing distance to stay the heck away.

Enjoying the sun? Yes, but responsibly. #facekini 📷

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Because let’s face it, people do need some sweet solitude to relax every now and then.

Say what you will about this unconventional #OOTD…

Facekinis, a versatile Chinese original, are likely here to stay.

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