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16 of the Ugliest Fashion Trends That We Thought Were Cool

They look ugly af. Seriously.


We know that the only thing constant in this world is change – and the same thing applies in the world of fashion. Why? Well if you look back from several years ago, the way people wear clothes and/or dresses has hugely changed. And if a fashion trend is popular right now, it gets covered by another trend tomorrow.

However, there are fashion trends that do not need to be popularized again. Not only are they senseless and in poor taste, they are also completely horrible. We here at Elite Readers decided to compile a list of fashion trends that deserve to be buried – forever.

Check them out below!

#1. Grills

Source: Bling Label

Although a number of people are still wearing grills, this trend is starting to fade away slowly. And it should be. It does not look cute – like at all.

#2. Baggy Jeans

Source: Pencils Down

Seriously, why is this even a trend? It is even cringe-worthy to think that plenty of youngsters today love to wear this type of jeans.

#3. Doubled-up Polo Shirts

Source: the_clean_me

We do not know about you but we are certain this fashion sucks. People really need to pull themselves together.

#4. The Popped Collar

Source: Giphy

Many will agree that popped collars are not a beautiful sight to see. It is pretty embarrassing, so to speak, and people who wear this have no idea they do not look pleasing.

#5. Crocs

Source: rimha

Okay, let us say crocs offer comfort. There is no doubt about that. But, in reality, there are lots of comfortable shoes that you can always wear. Sad thing is, this footwear is still gaining popularity.

#6. Rat Tails and Mullets

Source: kohlfromsd

This one here is just like those hairstyles that have been deemed awful, but since some individuals think it is cool, this trend continues to linger.

#7. Shutter Shades

Source: mcgrim_arte

If you are really fine with wearing this, then it is up to you. But you have been warned, and keep that in mind. Besides, what is the point of wearing them? They do not protect you from sunlight or something. It is like wearing shoes with no soles.

#8. Bell Bottoms

This is an older trend, though some celebrities still dabble in bringing it back to life. Well, it does not need an explanation as to why we need to consider removing this from our closet.

#9. Flame Bowling Shirts

Source: bladeshopper

Remember those boys you often see in malls or schools wearing this stuff? Pray that you do not see them again wearing it. Because seriously, it needs to be burned (pun intended).

#10. Dickies

This is one of those old trends that resurfaced thanks to kids who think it is cool. Free yourself from embarrassment and stop wearing this.

#11. Gaucho Pants

Source: Amazon

If you were forced to wear these pants when you were still a child, then fine. But if you are still wearing this today, shame on you. No matter which shoe you use, you will not look good.

#12. Velour Tracksuits

Source: Giphy

Anyone who wears this is like asking people to make fun of him/her. That is pretty much it.

#13. Platform Sandals

Why not go with a simple sandal? Why go platform sandals? Because you want to look taller? Girl, it is the most impractical footwear out there. You are even at risk of a possible broken ankle.

#14. JNCO Jeans

Source: sil38_

If we are to choose between this and the baggy jeans, we would go for the latter. Enough said.

#15. Overly Thin Eyebrows

Why do girls have to complicate things? Others like it thick while others like it thin. Why not go medium? Women.

#16. Uggs

Source: Comwall Live

Dude, stop. If you have this one at home, do yourself a favor and throw them away. They are just ugly. Plain and simple.


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