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Weird ‘Facekini’ Fashion is Taking Over China’s Beaches

Would you be caught dead on the beach wearing one of these?

Dondi Tiples





China has long been known as an imitator of everything, from technology to gadgets, and from world-famous brands to even destinations. On many instances, these shanzhai, or fakes, look as good as the real thing.

One particular fashion statement, however, is becoming singularly known as a Chinese original. Dubbed the “facekini,” it has become a staple on the beaches of China’s Shandong province.

The Facekini.

facekini 1

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Facekinis aren’t a new trend, however. They began appearing way back in 2004, and it appears its a fad that isn’t likely to die down. At least not in China.

How did this bizarre fashion statement take flight? No one knows. There may be several theories why China’s beachgoers acquired this penchant for resembling multicolored aliens with their latex face masks.

To protect their face from the sun’s UV rays?


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But what about the rest of their swimsuit clad bodies?

As a tribute to their favorite superheroes?

As an additional accessory to the latest in fashionable swimwear?

To cover up a “fugly” face on the seashore?

Verra-t-on bientôt ce genre d'accessoire à la ‪#‎FashionWeek‬ ? Non, cette femme n’a pas le nez cassé, ni une maladie infectieuse qui dévorerait sa chair, la forçant à porter ce masque en silicone magnifique. Il s’agit d’un facekini, ou un bikini pour visage. Pourquoi auriez-vous besoin d’un tel accessoire ? En Chine et dans de nombreuses régions d'Asie, une peau bronzée signifie que l'on travail dehors dans les champs, notamment pour la cueillette de riz. Les classes plus bourgeoises cherchent ainsi à conserver une peau aussi pâle que possible pour se distinguer des autres. Alors, comment faire lorsque l’on veut aller à la plage ? C’est là que le facekini fait son apparition. Efficace et élégant, il cache à merveille la moindre parcelle de peau de votre visage… _____ Information par Das Devin. Photo par Das Deven. #culture #cfotd #culturalfacts #china #chine #voyage #tradition #voyager #fashion #mode #fashionweek #facekini #bikini #ocean #plage #swimsuit #beach #vacances #vacation #trip #asie #asia

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Or to hide one’s identity when wearing this outlandish beach getup?

And to look like a fashion forward bank robber, perhaps.

Maybe even to rob a bank for real.

#facekini #style #linnton #oregon

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