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Watch: How to Unlock Your Car in a Few Seconds by Using a Piece of String

All you need for this life hack is a shoe string and 10 seconds of your time, to unlock your car!


Have you ever forgotten your keys locked inside the car? Have you accidentally lost your keys?

Well, these happened to me once, and it’s not a nice experience.

Breaking the windows of your car and using a stick to open your car doors are not a good option to try for these will cause damage and would cost you a lot of money.

When you accidentally forget your keys inside your car or lost the key, we usually call our family who have a spare key to open our car doors or call for car unlocking services which is at times expensive.

Well, if this happens to you next time, don’t panic but remember the few steps you are about to watch and read. Petr Kolarik posted a video in Youtube, he demonstrated the easiest way to unlock a car door in just 10 seconds with the use of a standard shoe string.

Unlock your car in ten seconds, using a shoe string and your fingers.

Unlock your car in ten seconds, using a shoe string and your fingers.

Source: Youtube

According to WonderHowTo,

“Simply make a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace and pull the slipknot into the inside of the car through the corner crack between the car door and the car frame.

Pulling the shoelace from side to side, bring the slipknot down until it loops around the lock’s pull knob. Pull tightly, pull upwards, and voilà — an unlocked car in less than a minute. Note: This method does not work for all vehicle makes and models.”

Watch Video Here:

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This is simple and easy to follow but remember to use this technique only for emergency particularly, if you lost your car keys or accidentally locked it inside your car.

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