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Indian Woman Covers Car In Cow Dung To Keep It Cool

“It’s a Toyota Cow-rolla!”


We all have our own ways of keeping cool during the warm weather. However, one Indian woman is taking a truly unexpected cooling method to stop her car from overheating. She had slathered the vehicle in cow dung to make sure it doesn’t overheat when she drives.

The car was first spotted by a motorist in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India who realized that it was covered in a mixture of mud and cow dung. They immediately shared an image of the vehicle on Facebook where the post had people talking. Interestingly, the woman who owned the car had a pretty simple reason why she has coated it in cow dung: It kept the vehicle cool during hot days.

The Toyota Corolla is completely covered in cow dung and mud!

Sejal Shah is the lady who owns the Toyota Corolla covered in dung. She admitted that she did this to the car simply because she wanted to beat the heat.

“The heat was getting unbearable. I have used cow dung in my house for flooring and from that experience I thought of doing something with my car,” she said.

The temperature in Gujarat can rise to over 42 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) so there is a good chance that vehicles can overheat. However, some netizens pointed out that using cow dung on the car’s exterior might actually make matters worse.

Despite all the puns and jokes made about her Corolla, Shah appears to be unfazed. She has even added some intricate designs to the vehicle to make it look as cool as it feels.

The owner talks about her eccentric vehicle to a local network.

Cow dung is commonly used as an insulating coating during the construction of houses around India. When it isn’t keeping homes cool, the dung is also utilized as fertilizer and pesticide.


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