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Guys Bought Friend A Car Because They Were Tired Of Picking Him Up

Where do I find friends like these?


Having a car can be a great help for some people but it can also mean you’ll have to play chauffeur to your friends who don’t own vehicles. However, a group of guys came up with an awesome solution so they can avoid picking up their one friend who doesn’t have a car. They decided to buy him his own car so he can drive himself wherever he wanted.

The video was posted on Twitter by a lady who works at a car dealership in South Africa. According to the post, the men in the video decided to buy their friend a car because “they are tired of picking him up.” It’s a hilarious reason but there is little doubt that their friend was overwhelmed by the gesture.

The friend who received the free car was clearly in disbelief. However, he eventually climbs into the car and gets emotional as his friends recorded the entire experience.

Not surprisingly, people loved the story and the post has since been retweeted over 7,000 times. Netizens also pointed out that they wanted extremely generous friends like these guys, because seriously, who wouldn’t?

One Twitter user stated that this was more than just mere friendship.

“Sometimes water is thicker than blood.. This ain’t friendship. It’s family.
He’s probably been there for them through their thick and thins .and they’re the blessed ones for having him,” the netizen wrote.

The lady who posted the video in the first place also had an awesome message for people who were looking for generous friends.

It’s certainly an amazing story of how friends can come through for you when you least expect it. It’s possible that the guys were just joking about being tired of picking their friend up and just wanted to help him out at his time of need.


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