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Wasteland: The Post-Apocalyptic “Mad Max” Festival That Makes Burning Man Look Lame

Experience being one of the few survivors in a post-apocalyptic universe at the Wasteland Festival!

Mich Escultura





Imagine a festival where you can immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that combines the best parts of Mad Max, Dune, Borderlands and Fallout. There are only 2,500 people left on the planet divided into themed tribes of Skulduggers and Vermin Vagabonds, and they’re all in one patch of dry earth. That’s what the Wasteland Festival is all about.

Forget Burning Man! Chaos reigned supreme at the Mojave Desert that was briefly transformed into hell on earth last September. For four days, thousands of “survivors” joined the festivities just east of Bakersfield, California in creatively-constructed jalopies as they marvel at the epic bungee-battles in the venue’s Thunderdome.

Wasteland is an immersive experience that requires everyone to wear a costume and stay in character during the festivities. And if you so much as consider crossing over from the fantasy or sci-fi universe, you best get moving because these hardcore survivors are having none of it!

Some jalopies are made for war…


Others are made to survive the harsh desert terrain.


When asked if the world really goes to hell, Jared Butler, event director and co-founder of Wasteland, said:

“Some will be well prepared. The others, well, they’ll be poorly prepared, but they’ll look fabulous.”

Mohawks, goggles, and bullet accessories are rife at Wasteland.


Fallout-themed survivors line up for some scarce refreshments.


This pale War Boy can’t help but ogle the beautiful PoleCat in front of him.



This Weird Mask Will Surely Make You Hilariously Horrifying This Coming Halloween

Could be NSFW.




Halloween is all about wearing the scariest, sluttiest, and weirdest thing you can think of - and we've seen LOTS of weird Halloween looks all around. But one look at this mask and I say this takes the cake for one of the most "horrifying" accessories around. Because nothing can make one feel more spooked out, grossed out, or even make you laugh out loud than a head mask that looks like the female genitalia.

This is probably the weirdest Halloween mask you'll see this year - a female genitalia-inspired mask!


Source: etsy

If you ask me, it looks like Lord Voldemort's face with a clitty for a nose. Looking at its monstrously realistic glory, I bet you want to ask Why?!? Why make something like this and who would want to wear it?!? and fight the urge to vomit or get into a fetal position and try to un-see the disturbing imagery.

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This Father Does Everything He Can to Protect His Daughter During a Zombie Apocalypse

Need a zombie movie that’s different from the rest? Check out this short film!

Mich Escultura



You've all probably seen the wildly popular Korean movie, Train to Busan, that chronicles the struggles of a father protecting his daughter from danger during a zombie apocalypse in moving train. If that's the kind of theme that floats your boat, then you'll definitely love this short film by Australian duo Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke called Cargo. It was created on a budget of $3,800, and took a total of two days to make.

With no dialog and maximum cinematic impact, Cargo tells the story of a man and his baby daughter as they're caught in a world filled with bloodthirsty zombies. Unlike in Train to Busan where the main character's kid is already old enough to follow instructions and keep herself away from harm, the child in this short film is just a baby who could cry at any minute and alert the zombies.

The film is heartbreaking, thrilling, and sometimes hard to watch. There's just the right balance of of anticipation and fear, though it's nowhere near the typical zombie chase movie. It is, however, a movie about racing against time. You'll see why immediately.

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Real-Life Batman Makes the Guinness’ Book of World Records for Fully Functional Batsuit

Makes you wonder whether this guy is the real caped crusader.

Dondi Tiples



There are times when cosplayers take their fantasy life seriously and create something worthy of history books.

This is exactly what happened when caped crusader fanatic and special creature effects expert, Julian Checkley embarked on his batsuit journey.

He created a costume nearly a hundred percent based on the animated series and videogames, it landed him on the Guinness’ Book of World Records.

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