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Woman Shares Perfect Low-Cost Cosplay Recreations Of Celebrity Looks





Thai social media star Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan broke the internet overnight after sharing a hilarious photo of a “prawn cracker dress,” which was her low-cost parody of actress Chompoo Araya’s red carpet look at Cannes Film Festival 2016. Thankfully, she didn’t stop with that just one look.

Sine, the young owner of an online plus-size clothing shop, has also recreated a couple of popular celebrity looks. Here are 30 of her perfect low-cost cosplay recreations.

1. Aquaman

2. Hela from “Thor: Ragnarok”

3. Luxury Yichuan

4. Katy Perry

5. Alita: Battle Angel

6. Lisa From BLACKPINK’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” music video

7. Ombre gown

8. Concept Furniture

9. Mera from “Aquaman”

10. Story Of Yanxi Palace

11. Guess girl

12. Icepariss

13. Aum

14. Mona Lisa

15. Areeya

16. Another Guess girl

17. Cornetto

18. Victoria’s Secret Angel

19. Taylor Swift

20. Murakami Flower

21. Louis Koo

22. The Little Mermaid

23. Bangkok Airways

24. Shuri from “Black Panther”

25. Sekloso

26. Lisa of BLACKPINK

27. Jennie of BLACKPINK

28. Kimiwamelody

29. Soda

30. Elder Kalama

Sine said in an interview:

“Originally, I wanted to be an inspiration for plus-size women. I wanted to show that even I could put together an outfit and look beautiful. So in the beginning, the looks that I created were everyday wear, and it escalated from that.

One of my dreams is to walk the red carpet like [thai actress] Chompoo. It doesn’t have to be a global red carpet… any award show in Thailand would do, and I’d show up in my cosplay outfit!”

Not only does Sine has the edge with her ingenious outfits, but it’s also her materials that set her apart from the kids you see at Comic-Con. In every one of her outfits, she makes sure to incorporate edible pieces that tie the costume together perfectly. Sounds like a solid game plan to eat your costume after a long day of showing it off.

A good sense of humor indeed goes a long way as Sine has garnered over 76,000 followers on Instagram.

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