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Ryan Reynolds Has Epic Reply To Burn Victim Who Cosplayed As Deadpool




  • Burn survivor John Quinn is a Deadpool fan.
  • He shared a photo of himself wearing a full suit of the character while doing a split.
  • He tagged Ryan Reynolds in the post and the kindhearted movie star eventually posted his reaction to the post.

John Quinn is a survivor. When he was 4 years of age, their house caught flame after a dog knocked a candle down. His sister managed to save him but the terrible accident still left him with 95% of his body burned.

Doctors had doubts he would make it but fortunately, he fought his way through. Despite being in coma for half a year, he later got up and finished the recommended physical therapy.

Fast forward to the present, John is now 21 years old and is a medical student, a YouTuber, a motivational speaker, a bodybuilder, and a Courageous Faces ambassador. His thousands of online followers fondly know him as Jadiant.

Jadiant also loves cosplay and is a big fan of Deadpool.

Recently, he shared a photo of himself doing the split while all dressed up as the popular Marvel character. He even tagged actor Ryan Reynolds in the said post.

In his caption, he wrote how Deadpool has helped him become “way more confident.” He also added “I wanted to be as authentic as possible, and that was to not wear a mask.”

Much to his shock and surprise, his post later reached the Deadpool star – who even took time to write an epic reply.
The touching exchange eventually went viral on social media and many news outlets ended up covering the story.

He couldn’t help but feel grateful for all the love and attention so he posted on Instagram:

“Guyyyysss… The amount of support, shares, articles, and follows I’ve gotten over my cosplay and @vancityreynolds noticing me has really been the greatest time for me through this whole pandemic… I love you guys y’all make my heart happy. Thank you so much for getting my idol to recognize my hardwork. I never expected it truly, but y’all did it again and surprised me.”

“As a guy who usually keeps things in, this really did it for me,” he told BoredPanda.
Jadiant and his cosplayer friends.
Jadiant before the tragic accident at 4 years old.

In a BoredPanda exclusive, Jadiant also pointed out:

“No one deserves to be unhappy in the way they look, because we’re all beautifully unique. Just sometimes other flowers get more colors (like us, people who have gone through tragedy) and we just don’t think we fit in with the rest of the flowers. But the truth is, we are the most beautiful of all the flowers. So embrace your different colors, you’re pretty, there’s no one else like you.”

If you’re interested about following Jadiant’s adventures, you can go check him out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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