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Couple Waited For Nearly Five Years To Have Their First Kiss on Their Wedding Day!





Chastity before marriage is very rare nowadays. In the past, couples never engage in any sexual acts until after they are officially married. They do this so they can offer themselves to their lifetime partners all whole and chaste. For many, it is the most wonderful gift one can give to a husband or wife. Reality check in today’s society, this is not the case anymore. More couples are engaging in sexual practices before marriage due to individual reasons, and we respect them and their decisions.

But we found one couple who waited for four and a half years, not only to have sex, but also, to have their first kiss ever! They wanted to seal the sweet kiss on the very day of their marriage to honor God. During that moment when they are about to have that first kiss, the guests cheered as they knew how special that kiss is.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: LittleThingsVideos

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