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Viral Video Shows Mother Shaving Daughter’s Head For ‘Bullying Bald Cancer Patient’





No one likes bullies. Perhaps you will even agree when I say they deserve to be punished just so they know how it feels to get bullied.

There are instances, however, when a punishment can be too much.

For instance, the video below shows us a mother shaving her daughter’s head. The reason for the harsh punishment? The girl allegedly bullied a bald cancer patient at school.

The viral video below shows a mother shaving her daughter’s head for allegedly “bullying a bald cancer patient at school.”


Source: YouTube

If you click the play button below, you will see the young woman sitting in a bath tub, screaming and covering her eyes as her mother calmly speaks to her, shaving off her hair using an electric razor.

The young woman screamed and covered her eyes as her mother used an electric razor to shave her hair.


Source: YouTube

As anyone can expect, the footage immediately went viral online. It has been heavily shared on social media plus several major websites have also picked up on the story.

Watch the viral video here:

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So far, no one has identified the identities of the mother and daughter pair or the video’s country of origin. Some netizens, however, were quick to point out that the two were speaking in Portuguese.

Meanwhile, an earlier version of the clip claims that the mother got mad at her girl after she uploaded some naked photos on the internet.

The video’s country of origin remains unidentified at the time. Netizens, however, pointed out that they were speaking in Portuguese.


Source: YouTube

Regardless of the reason, we say this mother took things a bit too far.

Punishing her that way was already brutal. Taking a video of it and then uploading it online for everyone all the world to see was just unnecessary. I mean that’s bullying in itself, right?

Well what do you guys think about this? Did the girl deserve this kind of punishment or no? Hit us up in the comment section and let’s talk about it.

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