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School Teacher Arrested After Scalping Boy With Hair Pulling Punishment




  • A primary school teacher in China has been arrested by authorities after he allegedly pulled the hair of a 9-year-old student.
  • The harsh punishment later left the boy with internal bleeding and severe swelling.
  • The boy’s mother said the incident has traumatized him and now she wants to transfer him to a different school.

A primary school teacher in China has sparked controversy after reports claimed that he pulled his 9-year-old student’s hair so hard it caused internal bleeding and swelling. The male teacher, surnamed Chang, was eventually arrested by authorities.

According to reports, he noticed the boy, surnamed Yuan, talking with his seatmates during class and so he violently pulled his hair. Authorities has since detained her last May 1, Saturday.

The poor child’s scalp got separated from his skill because of the harsh punishment.

News sources also said that doctors had to use syringes to draw out over 1 liter of blood of his brain during his surgical treatments.

The third grader’s later mother shared:

“My son’s hair is short. When the teacher pulled his hair for the first time, my boy stepped back. The teacher, perhaps thinking he was resisting, then pulled his hair again.

“That evening, my son felt dizzy and had nausea. He told me what happened to him at school.”

The incident happened at the Xinhua Road Elementary School last March 5 and the swelling eventually got worse that the mother decided to bring her son to a hospital.

It took three weeks before he was discharged.

“The medical bills were paid by the teacher,” the mother said. “He said he felt regret and guilt. He hoped we would forgive him. But I can’t forgive him.”

She also added:

“It has left him a shadow in his mind. He is afraid of the teacher and fears going to school … I am thinking of transferring him to another school.”

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