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Video Shows Man Cooking India’s Largest Scrambled Egg Made With 240 Eggs

Now that’s a massive calorie bomb right there!






Ah, eggs. Who seriously doesn’t want eggs for breakfast? Man, it’s the bomb. It really holds true that when it comes to breakfast, eggs are a staple. There are various ways people across the world cook it, though. Some like it poached, others like it boiled. If there are those who love sunny-side-ups, there are also people just dig scrambled.

Speaking of the latter, one man in India decided to cook the heaviest breakfast there is. Or perhaps should we say the largest scrambled egg cooked in the country. And when we say heavy, we’re talking about massive numbers here.

For starters, he used a total of 36 onions.

And when you think the onions are enough, the butter comes in.

That’s 2 kilos of butter right there.

Oh, don’t forget the bell peppers by the way.

What you see are 32 chopped bell peppers.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s go straight to the good stuff: the eggs. And you guessed it right – we’re also talking huge numbers here.

The first round is all about 120 eggs.

Two down, lots to go!

Nope, this guy is definitely not done yet. He’s about to add yet another round of eggs. Oh, boy.

Start of round 2.

That’s another 120 for a total of 240 eggs!

After cracking those eggs one by one (I know, that’s a lot of work), he starts to whisk them. He also added some seasonings such as salt and pepper.

In India, they call this “Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji.”

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Lo and behold, the finished product.

Around the globe, however, the record holder for the largest scrambled eggs in the whole world belongs to Poland. It was courtesy of Zaklad Pakowania Jaj Mering, who used 29,096 eggs in total. The cooking took 2 hours and 45 minutes.

You can check the full video below:

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