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Boy Begs For Junk Mail So He Could Have Something To Read. What The Mailman Did Is Amazing!





Reading is not only a pleasurable pastime, but an educational experience as well. It lets us in into another world and we get to choose how the characters look like, how the fictional dimensions would be and in some stories, yeah, we get to imagine our own ending. More than that, we are also given the chance to enrich our vocabulary and generally add up our comprehension.

In today’s world, where children are unbelievably efficient at using smartphones, tablets or iPads, we can’t expect them to hold a book and spend hours reading. But not this amazing boy from Utah…

Matthew Flores is a 12-year old boy, who loves reading. He would ask the mailman for junk mail so that he could have something to read — advertisements, brochures, anything that has words in it! Although he reads the newspaper, he still wanted more. The mail carrier Ron Lynch then took Matt’s photo on Facebook to ask some friends to help donate books for Matt. He was so overwhelmed by the response he got that the international community has expressed their desire to send in books.

Watch the video report here:

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This is the type of story that is so nice hear as it uplifts us and induces positive vibes. We find Matt so amazing because at such a young age, he has already realized the value and fun of reading. This kiddo will surely have a bright future ahead! We hope more kids will also find reading enjoyable too.

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