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This Simple Tip Involving Screws Will Make Your House a Lot More Secure

A real estate agent shares an awesome old-fashioned security tip that she learned from her father.

Many people think that making their homes safe would involve spending a lot of money for state-of-the-art gadgets and having elaborate security systems installed. That’s not necessarily the case all the time. Often, the most practical moves to improve the security in your home involves common sense and just a few dollars that would hardly make a dent on your budget.

Marianna Harrison — a real estate agent based in Texas — recently shared a valuable practice that definitely improves a home’s security features without breaking the bank. It’s something she learned from her father.

The "tiny change" makes a big difference.

The "tiny change" makes a big difference.

On her Facebook page, Harrison wrote: “My dad gave me this advice a long time ago when I moved into my first apartment. He even came out and changed the screws for me as soon as I moved in. Someone else recently posted about it and I thought I would share!”

She explained: “A good home security tip that you may have never thought about…. Most contractors install the plates with the supplied screws which are only a half inch long and come out with one kick by a burglar. He installed four-inch screws in their place that go through the door frame and into the framing of the house.”

While the use of the longer four-inch screws may not totally keep out determined criminals, they could buy you time so you can call for help and move to a more secure spot in your house where the intruders can’t get to you. ” They can kick for a long time before they get tired! You can see in the picture the screw in his hand is the screw supplied with the door hardware. Making a burglar make a bunch of noise and be foiled in their initial plan can not only give you time to arm yourself but they will most likely move on to an easier target,” Harrison said.

This DIY tip went viral!

As of this posting, Harrison’s tip had gotten more than 500,000 Facebook shares.

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How to Make a Classy Superhero Lamp Using Cheap Avengers Toys

Just wow! For a $15 project, this looks seriously impressive.

If you are a superhero geek and you’re looking for a good lamp, finding something that suits your fancy can be quite a challenge. Besides, most of the available choices in the market are either too bland or too childish.

Imgur user downtwobane resolved that problem by creating one for herself.

Using a bunch of small Marvel figures, some super glue, and spraypaint, she managed to craft a DIY superhero lamp that’s just as exciting as it is classy....

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Transform Boring Blinds Into Fabulous Roman Shades Through This Simple DIY Project!

For those looking for a new home project to try, this one’s really easy and fab-looking!

All of us want to have a beautiful home inside and out. Mothers/ house wives always try to start a new project to enhance the appearance of their homes and make it more pleasant for their family and guests.

One way to spruce up your home without spending lots of cash is to give that window a boost. Hanging beautiful blinds and curtains is the conventional way of doing it, but they can get a little expensive at times.

For those looking for a new project to try, we recommend you do this simple yet very clever way of transforming your boring blinds into fab Roman shades. It's easy and very lovely....

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This Simple Self-Defense Technique Is Surprisingly Easy And Very Effective

It pays to know basic self-defense. This technique is the best way to start.

The world is not as safe as it was before. It has become a huge jungle of predators where only the fittest can survive.

We are not talking about who eats healthy or exercises regularly. We are talking about personal safety and security amidst being surrounded by criminals and bad minds.

Gone are the days when only a select few have the guts to do harm to their fellow. With increasing poverty and greed, almost every one has mustered the will to survive even if it means doing harmful things to others....

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