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15 Brilliant Vacation Tips To Live By

#15 is very important.


Vacation is the perfect time to disconnect from your normal surroundings. Vacation can also be a time for overindulging and letting go.

With that said, dishonest people see this as an opportunity to take advantage of tourists. Here are 15 brilliant tips to live by when you’re on vacation.

1. They make you think they’re giving you free stuff, but eventually make you pay for it.

A selfie with street artists and performers may seem innocent and free — and they even make you think that it is — until you click that camera and that’s when some of them will demand payment.

Scammers will also tie “friendship bracelets” around your wrist. While you may think it was a cute gesture to welcome you to their place, they actually want you to pay for it.

2. Bring spare passport photos, debit and credit cards, camera batteries.
3. You should always bring emergency money.
4. Get to know the locals.

There’s no experience more authentic than meeting the locals. Be open-minded and show respect.

5. Double check when renting a motorbike/scooter rentals, some are stolen or damaged and will let you pay for it.

Scammers are everywhere and they will always find an opportunity to trick unexpected tourists.

6. Take photos of the jet ski before using it to avoid being accused of causing damage when it was already there in the first place.
7. Morning flights has less turbulence, so it’s a good idea to schedule your trip in the a.m.
8. Wake up earlier to avoid the crowd and take your undisturbed selfies.
9. Travel off season.
10. Learn a couple of foreign words to communicate with the locals.
11. Bring adapter for your gadgets.
12. Bring the things that you need, and skip those that you might not use anyway.
13. Bring a sarong.
14. Try local food.

The reality is that sometimes you will like the food, and sometimes you will not. Consider food as part of the adventure.

15. Learn more about the place you’re going to.

The last thing you want to do is to insult the locals without even realizing it. Read up about their culture, laws, and other important things.


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