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15 Brilliant Vacation Tips To Live By

#15 is very important.

Vacation is the perfect time to disconnect from your normal surroundings. Vacation can also be a time for overindulging and letting go.

With that said, dishonest people see this as an opportunity to take advantage of tourists. And if you are not careful, it’s easier to become a victim than you may think.

Here are 15 brilliant tips to live by when you’re on vacation.

1. Remember, free things are often not free.

A selfie with street artists and performers may seem innocent and free — and they even make you think that it is — until you click that camera and that’s when some of them will demand payment.

Scammers will also tie “friendship bracelets” around your wrist. While you may think it was a cute gesture to welcome you to their place, they actually want you to pay for it.

2. Bring spares.

Save your vacation from becoming a disaster in an emergency situation by bringing spare passport photos, debit and credit cards, camera batteries.

3. Stash emergency money.

Having a secret spot to store emergency cash or cards can be really convenient.

4. Meet the locals.

There’s no experience more authentic than meeting the locals. Be open-minded and show respect.

5. Keep in mind, motorbike or scooter rentals can be stolen or damaged.

If you’re unlucky and rented a motorbike or scooter from a scammer, you might find that it has been damaged or even stolen. The scammer will then make you pay for the repair or the whole thing. To avoid this, choose a secure place to leave the bike and use your own lock.

6. Beware of jet ski damage.

When you return the rented jet skis, bikes, or snowboards, scammers will show you scratches and cracks, insisting that you’re the one who did it so you should have it repaired. To avoid this, take photos of all the signs of wear and tear before using any equipment.

7. Take morning flights for less turbulence.

Most thunderstorms tend to develop in the afternoons and evenings, that’s why morning flights are less prone to turbulence.

8. Wake up earlier.

Wake up early and avoid the crowd. Morning time is usually the best for taking photos. Professionals call it “the golden hour.”

9. Choose the best time of year.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to travel off-season to make the most of your vacation.

10. Learn a few foreign words.

Knowing just a couple of phrases can make a big difference in your travel experience. Locals also appreciate it when you can say a few words in their language.

11. Get an adapter for your electronics.

Before you leave for vacation, get yourself an adapter that will work in the country you are traveling to.

12. Pack wisely.

Bring the things that you need, and skip those that you might not use anyway.

13. A sarong is a great multi-purpose item.

Apart from using it for modesty by wrapping it around your waist, it can be used as sun protection, dust protection, a scarf, a blanket, a signal flag, and even a water filter.

14. Eat local food.

The reality is that sometimes you will like the food, and sometimes you will not. Consider food as part of the adventure.

15. Read about the place you’re going.

Some traditions can be very different from what you are used to and you may do something inappropriate or even insulting without even realizing it.


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