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Mom Shares Her $9.28 Paycheck After Working For 70 Hours As A Waitress




  • Texas bartender and server Aaliyah Cortez shared how she only earned $9.28 after working for over 70 hours.
  • Now she’s reminding the public about the importance of giving tips.
  • Her video went viral on TikTok, attracting mixed reactions from netizens.

Working as a waiter in a restaurant is never easy. Anyone who has ever done it will attest to that. Besides, the schedules can be hectic, the customers can be demanding, and yes, the salary can be pretty low.

A mother from Texas took it upon herself to post a TikTok video where she shares about what happened after working for almost 71 hours as a bartender and server. According to Aaliyah Cortez, she actually earns $2.13 per hour but because of social security, medicare, and income tax, she ended up taking home only $9.28.

In an interview, Aaliyah said:

“It’s tough being a working mom for me right now just because I’m going through a custody battle. I would love to spend time with my son, but I have to make a living so we can have a good life once the custody battle comes to an end.”

“This is why you tip.”

She further shared:

“Honestly, every time I open a check I just chuckle a little bit. My coworkers and I will compare checks to see who got the least amount and we’ll just laugh because it’s ridiculous how little we get paid.”

While Aaliyah was quick to point out that she enjoys her job, she just hopes to have “stable and consistent paychecks” so as to have enough money in case of emergencies.

“It’s important to tip because we literally rely solely on those tips,” she added. “We’ll be greatly appreciative.”

Watch the video here:

“My advice to fellow moms is just keep being badass,” Aaliyah also remarked. ”Being a mom alone is a full-time job, so I would want them to know I’m supporting them!”

Aaliyah’s TikTok post eventually went viral and gained mixed reactions from netizens, with some sympathizing about her dilemma and others slamming the system.

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