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7 Types of Body Odor That Says Something About Your Health





If you notice that your body produces a distinct smell, you should sit up and take note. Your constant smell may not just be about forgetting to put on your deodorant or just forgetting to take a shower constantly.

How you smell reveals a lot about your overall health. Identify how you smell and take note of the following probable causes:

1. You smell fishy

A metabolic disorder called trimethylaminuria may be the culprit. It’s a condition in which your body can’t break down certain compounds present in protein-rich foods. This results to your body producing a fishy odor when you breathe, sweat, and pee after eating eggs, fish, and some types of legumes and vegetables.

2. You smell like sweat or you sweat A LOT even in normal temperature

You may have a condition called hyperhidrosis which produces excessive sweating even if you are not exercising or out in warmer temperatures.

3. You smell like excrement

If you are suffering from extreme constipation, your sweat can produce a smell very much like that of a septic tank. When your digestion is not working properly, your gut produces smelly chemicals that make your poop and sweat smell horrible.

4. You smell bitter

Better go to your doctor because this could be a sign of liver damage. Liver problems are manifested by digestive problems, nausea, and abnormal fat metabolism, which can include a bitter and unpleasant body smell.

5. You smell like rotten eggs

Too much red meat can be the cause of your sulphurous smell comparable to the stench of rotten eggs. When your body is unable to digest red meat well, amino acids that contain sulphur are produced. Try not eating red meat for two weeks and see the difference in your smell.

6. You have a faint smell

Age is the common cause of having a less intense and less unpleasant body odor. So if you’re getting past middle age and you notice that your body has a mild smell, it’s probably normal.

7# You smell like the bar you went to last night

You probably drank too much your liver couldn’t metabolize all the alcohol so it is released in your pores, making your sweat smell like beer or vodka.

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