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6 Deodorant Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Avoid stinky and sweaty pits!


Avoiding stinky and sweaty armpits is easily solved by wearing deodorants. But there are proper ways of wearing them and not knowing can make the problem worse.

To make the most out of the product, you should avoid these common mistakes:

#1. Putting antiperspirant when your skin is still wet.

Antiperspirants should be applied on dry skin in order to be effective. Avoid swiping it on when you just got out of the shower or when your pits are already sweaty.

#2. Putting it on right after you shave.

Shaving makes the skin vulnerable to irritations so you should avoid putting deodorant or antiperspirant right after you use that razor, especially if you are using products with high alcohol content.

#3. Being clueless when it comes to the difference between a deodorant and antiperspirant.

People often assume these two are the same, but they are not. The main use of antiperspirant is to eliminate sweat while deodorants are made to eliminate stink. So if your pits are really sweaty, you should reach for an antiperspirant instead. If stink is your main problem, the deodorant is your better option.

#4. Applying it on top of another product or unwashed skin.

There are some people who just swipe another layer of deodorant on top of the previous swipe when they don’t have time to shower. That’s a big ‘eeww!’. Products should be applied on clean and fresh skin in order to become effective. You should also avoid swiping on top of another layer of product you put on your pits. The deodorant or antiperspirant won’t work properly if you do.

#5. Putting it on in the morning.

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Most of us put on deodorant or antiperspirant in the morning after we shower. But the best practice is actually taking a shower and putting on the deodorant before going to sleep. These products are more effective when sweat ducts are less active and this happens when we sleep.

#6. Not applying daily.

This will depend on the level of sweat and stink that your body produces. Some with mild or moderate sweat or smell can forego daily swiping especially when using a product that lasts for 48 hours.


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