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Hilarious Moment Guy Sprayed Stranger’s Underarm With Perfume While In Elevator





If you frequently use elevators, you know this unavoidable truth: you’ll encounter all types of people in there. These people can come in different sizes, races – or even smells!

Take it from this guy who came across another stranger with a body odor so foul he couldn’t help but do something about the stinky situation. The short video, posted online by the Intrometido Facebook page, has since gone viral, gaining a lot of likes, shares, and laughter from netizens everywhere.

At the start of the clip, we see a bearded man in a gray shirt talking on the phone while leaning on the elevator wall. His underarm, as some netizens have pointed out, was obviously very wet with sweat.

All of a sudden, the guy taking the video decided to take matters into his own hands – by using a perfume.

As anyone can easily guess, the man wasn’t pleased with what the other guy did. In fact, he looked pissed off (as seen in the sudden change of his facial expression) and gave the guy in white a light slap and then proceeded to grab him by the neck!

Watch the video here:

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Although we are left without details about the identities of the men involved or the specific location of the viral video, netizens couldn’t help but be amused.

One commented:

“LOL! Dude got offended when he’s the one who’s stinking the whole elevator.”

Others, however, thought the act was probably staged.

Well staged or not, we couldn’t deny the importance of proper hygiene. We all have to take good care of our bodies, especially if we’re often out there dealing with people and sharing public spaces such as an elevator. Regular bathing and deodorant use is highly recommended.

As they always say, first impressions often last so we might as well make it good.

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