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Trucker Finds True Love After Texting A Number He Found On A Toilet Wall





They say true love comes when you least expect it. Sometimes, it can knock at the most unanticipated time or place. While I know that sounds terribly mushy, the story below demonstrates exactly that.

Mark Ellis, a 51-year-old trucker, who eventually found romance after texting a phone number he found on – of all places in the world – a wall in a public toilet in Garforth, West Yorkshire, UK.

Interestingly, the number came with a short written message which said “If you want a good shag, call Donna on…”

Mark indeed got in touch with the digits and the rest, as they say, is history. He and the woman eventually fell in love with each other.

Mark Ellis, found a number on the wall of a public toilet. It said “If you want a good shag, call Donna.”

man finds true love in toilet number 1

Source: via Mirror

Donna Roberts, the owner of the number, said it wasn’t actually her who wrote that on the wall. It was her vengeful ex-partner. She shared:

“I should thank my ex — he did me a favor.”’

Admittedly though, Donna said she was confused when she first received a message from an unknown number which said “Hi. What are you up to?” Well fortunately for Mark, he didn’t tell her how he got the number until after several days.

As mentioned above, the two later fell in love and so fast forward to the present, they now have a family and two beautiful children – who, until this time, have no idea how their parents first met.

“I should thank my ex — he did me a favor,” shared Donna Roberts who said the number was written by her former partner.

man finds true love in toilet number 2

Source: via Mirror

So why did Donna bother replying in the first place? She answered:

“I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.”

The moral of the story here, of course, is try not to ignore numbers on toilet walls. They might just lead you to your soulmate!

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