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Transgender Woman Now In A Relationship With Guy Who Rejected Her When She Was A Man

Aaron Anderson may have been turned down by his crush, Jared. But Erin won’t have any of it.

Erin Anderson is a 22-year-old from Owensboro, Kentucky. She was a man who once approached his crush, 28-year-old computer science student Jared Norris, with a message on Facebook. “While still living as a boy, I messaged Jared on Facebook saying, “Hey, what’s up,” she shared in an interview.

“I knew of him and added him on Facebook because he was cute. But he was having no part of it and didn’t seem interested at all, so I decided not to try anymore with him.” Erin was basically shut down at that point.

Erin Anderson was born male as Aaron.

Erin may have lived as a man as Aaron but she always knew that she wanted to be a girl. She said:

“At three years old, I was an artistic child. I would always draw myself as a girl all the time. Then I would wear my grandma’s high heels, put mom’s makeup on and more, all of these are things a little boy wouldn’t do.”

I was bullied by both the boys and girls, the guys would ask why I would act like a girl and make fun of me, making me feel less than what I was. Then the girls would see me as a boy and not want to hang out with me.”

It was when she was 18 when she started questioning her gender. She felt she was in a wrong body and felt unhappy being a boy. She wanted to take that step to change herself but she didn’t know then how to begin.

“I thought I was too old to start transitioning until my friend reminded me that life is too short and that I couldn’t keep living my life so unhappy.”

After breast augmentation and two years of hormone replacement therapy, Erin was finally noticed by Jared.

Two years later, Jared happened to hit the like button on one of Erin’s Instagram photos.

“I decided I was going to be upfront, so I sent him a message with my number and within five minutes, I got a message from him and we started talking. The next day was my birthday, I hung out with him and a week later we were dating officially on Facebook and have been together ever since.”

Erin and Jared have been happily in love for two years.

However, like most relationships, it wasn’t an easy feat for them. The first few months of going public were the toughest. It was during that time when the couple received a lot of negative feedback. From verbal abuse to death threats, the couple has had it all.

Now on their two years of being together, Jared is proud of his beautiful girlfriend as she is willing to be herself more than ever. She also plans to undergo a gender reassignment surgery in the future to have more confidence in herself.

Despite the fact that Erin hasn’t gone under the knife yet, Jared has accepted her fully and even told his family that Erin is trans. Jared was different with the guys Erin dated in the past as they would admit that they couldn’t let their family know she was trans. “That was what hurt the most,” she revealed. Luckily, Erin is now in a happy relationship with someone who loves her so much.

“We talk about our love story and us getting together often. Actually, I admitted that two years prior I wanted him and now I finally have him, which we laugh a lot about.”

When it comes to negativity, Jared shared that it was hard to ignore it at first but he eventually got the hang of it. Still, there are other people who have shown their support for the couple by sending kind and encouraging messages.


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