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Toy Story Fans Created a Stunningly Accurate Replica of Andy’s Room




Andy's curved headboard with its crescent moon cut-out.

1030 andys room 8

Photo credit: The Pixarist
…even Andy's snazzy electric guitar…

1030 andys room 9

Photo credit: The Pixarist
…and the magical toy chest every boy who’s ever watched "Toy Story" coveted.

1030 andys room 10

Photo credit: The Pixarist

Morgan and Mason documented their progress and showcased their finished project on their Tumblr blog they called “The Pixarist.” They even built the Sunnyside Daycare in their basement down to the last detail.

Sunnyside Daycare from the movie.

1030 andys room 13

Photo credit: The Pixarist
Morgan and Mason's Sunnside…

1030 andys room 14

Photo credit: The Pixarist

Working with movie stills of Andy’s room, thrift shop finds, and old broken down furniture they renovated, they even recruited their dad’s woodworking skills for the project that eventually lasted the better part of four years.

But finally, they did succeed in fulfilling their dream of living large in their very own Andy’s room from the movie.

Even Woody seems so amazed that Morgan and Mason went so far as to…

1030 andys room 11

Photo credit: The Pixarist
…replicate Andy's dog.

1030 andys room 12

Photo credit: The Pixarist

(not the miniature Dachshund we were expecting, and not quite as fat as the original Buster, but still…)

Why do we have the feeling we’ll soon be seeing a detailed recreation of Elsa’s ice palace from “Frozen” soon?

H/T: The Pixarist and Today

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