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Infographic Shows Top 10 High-Paying Jobs That Do Not Require University Degrees

Can somebody from UK confirm these figures?

Most of us grew up with parents who are constantly reminding us about the value of education. Gain a degree, they say, so you can qualify for your dream job and have a bright future. And so we study hard and try to kill 3 or 4 years in the hopes of getting a diploma at the end of the experience.

How would you feel, however, if we tell you that a degree is no longer important to have a job with a handsome salary? A new research published online claims that this is now the current trend.

his UK research basically points out that you don’t need a degree to earn big bucks.

10 jobs without degrees 3

This new infographic created by i100 is based on the data gathered by Statista. It may sound hard to believe but according to this new study, there are at least 10 high-paying jobs in the United Kingdom that does not require any university degree.

What jobs are they, you ask? Well, here we go:

10 jobs without degrees 2

The infographic revealed shocking pieces of information. Who ever knew that most of these jobs didn’t require degrees? And that they paid really well?

An equities trader, for example, makes £59,475 (roughly around US $85,711) a year. That’s a hell lot of money right there! Other interesting job positions included in the list are mining construction, nuclear energy worker, air traffic controller, and hazardous-waste manager.

How do you feel about this research? Can somebody from UK confirm these figures? If these are true, it will definitely shake things up a bit. Hit us up on the comment section and share your thoughts with us!


You Should Never Take Your Eyes Off The Cashier When Paying With Your ATM Card

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Many people leave their cash at home and carry credit cards and ATM cards when doing transactions. For them, it is much better to carry cards that hold no value or purpose to thieves than have their cold cash stolen. But if you think these cards mean nothing to the bad guys, think again.

A new "skimming" scam has plagued credit and debit card owners all over the U.S. and UK for years now.


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If not for the 200 bites from fire ants, this woman could have been dead!


Sometimes God really has mysterious and painful ways of saving us, or providing us with miracles. Imagine a situation wherein you will either choose between two options: be bitten over 200 times by fire ants and remain alive, or fall into coma with broken bones all over and eventually die; which would you choose?

This is exactly what happened to bank executive Joan Murray of Charlotte, North Carolina. Murray had a skydiving parachute malfunction and was only alive today because of the more than 200 fire ant stings that she got when she landed on the ground.

Joan Murray, the woman saved by more than 200 fire ant stings

Joan Murray, the woman saved by more than 200 fire ant stings...

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