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World’s Tallest Vertical Cemetery In Brazil Features Tombs With A View





Death is inevitable–it is a fact of life and so physical decline or death is something we have to face head on, no matter how eerie and uncomfortable the thought may be. Hence, the need for a permanent and final resting place still continues to be of great demand today. But given the scarcity of urban lands or grave spaces, traditional in-ground burials are no longer sustainable.

Other countries like Taiwan, India and Israel are embracing a different concept like “high-rise cemeteries” which are increasingly and quickly becoming a “thing” nowadays.

Meanwhile, the world’s highest vertical cemetery is The Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica, in Santos, Brazil. It measures 108 meters tall with 25,000 storing units or tombs, several wake rooms, crypts, mausoleums and other basic amenities.

The cemetery is said to be the most visited and most popular landmark in Santos, as recognized by a local tourism board.


And many consumers are also willing to pay a hefty price for such tombs that offer a view.


While the cost varies depending on the type of view being offered.


Source: Andre Penner

Three-year rental of a burial plot ranges from 10,000 to 35,000 Brazilian reals (between $5,900 and $21,000) while separate family burial places with memorial rooms costs 174,000 reals ($54,000).

Those tombs at the highest levels would be “108 meters closer to heaven than a typical underground grave.”


Source: Andre Penner

Aside from some of its hotel-like architecture and amenities, “each of the 32 floors has rows of numbered blocks with 150 tombs all equipped with a ventilation system and can accommodate up to six bodies. ”

Quite a way to address the overcrowding issue of in-ground burials by building one–not six feet under but over.

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