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40 Times Parent Failed Their Kids in Funny and Epic Proportions

Even though parents love their kids unconditionally, they still fail from time to time.


Every parent loves his/her kid – there is no doubt about that. However, parenting itself can be a very rigorous task. You sometimes lack sleep, as you make sure your baby goes into slumber first. You occasionally find yourself cleaning your home’s wall, as your kids thought it was a blackboard. Nonetheless, parenting is a great experience and you do it out of love.

Apparently, in this journey, parents can sometimes fail despite their best intentions. In this list, we will show all epic fails from parents around the world. There is no need to worry, though. They are nothing serious, but you can definitely relate to all of them. Scroll down and let us know which one is your favorite!

#1. Be careful when you bring your kid to the zoo.

Source: Musicats78
#2. The term “epic” definitely applies here.

#3. When you bought your kid an ugly Christmas sweater but you did not notice Santa.

Source: angryhamzter
#4. “Mom, why you spit all sunflower seeds on me?”

Source: MiaSimper101
#5. Sir, you totally forgot your kid.

#6. She wants to drink water, not shower.

Source: kristinsday
#7. When you mix pajama day and pictorial day.

Source: KillerKenyan
#8. “But why, mom?”

Source: Reddit
#9. Parenting in a nutshell.

#10. Mom, you had one job. You had one job.

Source: Sydney King
#11. My dad made me do it.

Source: philyeh
#12. When your son builds drinking guys using LEGO, you know exactly where he got the inspiration.

Source: smarshyboy
#13. This pretty much sums up the list.

#14. “Told you not bring Steven today.”

#15. Just simple daddy moves.

#16. When your daughter’s starts to bleed and you have nothing else to offer.

#17. Well, at least, they fit.

#18. Go ahead, son. Follow the red dot.

Source: sethanold
#19. Kids never lie.

Source: bronlines
#20. Just too much Instagram, eh?

Source: flakman
#21. Wait for it…

#22. When parents buy the wrong stuff.

Source: kesade
#23. Guess where I learned this.

Source: hmistry
#24. Someone clearly bought the wrong shirt.

Source: Oinkmekid
#25. Daddy – 1, Son – 0

#26. Watch ’til the end.

#27. This is how daddy dressed me for daycare.

Source: Brooke
#28. Yup!

Source: gmlgp9868
#29. Hands. Not Feet.

Source: cheekyjenng
#30. When you thought he was going to enjoy the ride.

Source: noellemaki
#31. Check out the kid behind him.

Source: regalbeard
#32. “This won’t make you wet, dear.”

#33. Yikes!

#34. This is definitely daddy’s work.

Source: stephnbrooks
#35. Way to catch the ball, boy!

Source: h1leard
#36. When you leave your kid unattended.

Source: Reddit
#37. Sorry, honey. I’m busy eating.

#38. When you become a creative parent, you do this.

Source: tara_ascroft
#39. You know exactly what happened.

#40. You daughter did not approve of the clown makeup.

Source: Reddit

So, what do you think about these epic parenting fails? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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