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Parents Shocked After 8-Week-Old Baby Learns To Stand Up On Her Own




  • A couple from Bristol, England has proudly shared the story of their baby Luka – who has managed to stand up on her own at just 8 weeks old.
  • The strong infant has since attracted a lot of online attention.
  • According to Tera Finn-Johnston, they first noticed Luka’s unusual strength soon after her birth.

As parents eagerly anticipate their children’s growth and milestones, some find themselves in a state of shock and surprise. Case in point, 31-year-old Tezra Finn-Johnston and his 23-year-old partner Emily Derrick of Bristol, England were left in awe after witnessing their 8-week-old daughter learning to stand on her own.

Is she the world’s strongest baby? Based on the comments, it seems many actually think so.

Meet baby Luka!

Despite her young age, it looks like adorable baby Luka has already proven her strength. At just 8 weeks, she can already stand on her feet. By the time she reached 15 weeks, she can already stand without needing any assistance.

As Tezra jokingly said, the girl may have drawn some inspiration from the strongman videos he watches with her on YouTube.

The proud dad shared:

“When she was about a month old, she was having a tantrum and I tried to sit her on my knee to calm her. Instead of sitting down, she just stood on my knee and wouldn’t bend her legs. She did it a few more times later on in the weeks… I tried to hold her and supported her, and she managed to take her own weight.”

And that wasn’t even the first time they saw signs of unbelievable strength from the infant.

“Pretty much from the day we left hospital she was able to support her head a little bit more than we thought she should be able to,” reflected Tezra. “She was holding it up for a few seconds and that shouldn’t be for a few weeks, but pretty much straight away she was able to do that.”

Watch this BBC feature:

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Also, here’s a short clip of baby Lula at 15 weeks:

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