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Photographer Captures Stunning Photos Of Thunderstorms During Volcanic Eruptions





Volcanic eruptions are majestic displays of the grandeur of nature that leaves spectators in terrified and frightened awe. Just the same, thunderstorms show magnificent lightshows with devastating capabilities.

Put them together and you get an extreme showcase of the power of nature that causes spectators to both be in awe and in horror. Scroll down to see photos by Francisco Negroni of such wonderful occurrence caught in the exact moments.

Francisco Negroni is a landscape photographer from Chile

He is widely known for capturing amazing images of extreme weather disturbances. Most of his work focus on volcanic eruptions and what is known as dirty thunderstorms.

A dirty thunderstorm is a weather condition where lightning is produced by the collision of rock, ash, and ejecta in a volcanic eruption. Dirty thunderstorms only happen around 27-35% of the time, which makes Negroni’s work a lot more extraordinary and rare.

Negroni’s most well-known photographs were that of the eruption of Cordón Caulle

These went viral in 2011

The viral photos and earned him various recognitions and awards.

The Cordón Caulle was photographed in multiple angles that amazingly displays the energy and magnificence of the eruption.

Negroni’s style of photography is exceptional

Simply because of his mastery in capturing powerful events in nature, showing its intensity and vivid energy with a passion.

Before being a landscape photographer, Negroni worked as photo reporter for political news.

In 2008, he came across the Llaima volcanic eruption, which caused him to switch interests and change the direction of his career. In an interview, Negroni says,

“it was so little what I saw of that eruption. But it was enough for me to feel something strange and motivate me to be aware of the next eruption and travel to take pictures of it. Seeing that eruption was my real motivation to start in this world of eruption photography.”

Negroni’s technique focuses on using long exposures

This allows him to magnify the details and intensity of an eruption. By using this approach, he captures rare photos of detailed dirty thunderstorms.

Aside from the Cordón Caulle eruption photos, Negroni is also famous for traveling around Chile, taking stunning imagery of various volcanic eruptions.

He is also fond of leading tours around the country to capture the best pictures of volcanic activity. Negroni says,

“I will continue trying to show eruptions in all their magnitude and hope that the world, in general, continues to be surprised with my photographs.”

Some of Negroni’s latest awards are 2018 Gold Medal Chile Top 10 Black and White OneEyeland, 2018 Gold Medal Worlds Top 10 Black and White OneEyeland, and 4 various awards in 2017, among others.

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