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Video Shows The Right Way To Put Band-Aids On





Band-Aids help prevent any bleeding and guards small wounds from getting infected. It may seem really simple to put on Band-Aids, however, sometimes, we would have a wound in an awkward spot and the Band-Aid is not put on the right way. Then, what happens is, either the Band-Aid is detached in just a couple of minutes or we can’t bend a joint because of the position of the Band-Aid.

Fortunately, the Crazy Russian Hacker made a video on how to put Band-Aids on the right way.

Use a whole rectangular Band-Aid so that it can easily be modified. For wounds on the tip of the thumb or tip of the finger, cut a triangular slit in the middle of the long side of the Band-Aid both left and right side. Then position it on the wound on the front and back side of the thumb with the slit at the sides of the thumb. By doing this, the slits on the sides will secure the Band-Aid on the thumb when stuck together. It will not fall off easily.

For wounds on the back of the finger where there is a fold, cut a triangular slit on the Band-Aid at the top and bottom side (the shorter sides). Position the Band-Aid in such a way that the slit goes underneath the finger where it would be easy to move the finger.

Use whole Band-Aids for big cuts and don’t open it all the way. The right way to put it on is to apply it one side at a time so that it will not be contaminated easily.

Watch the video here:

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