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MIT Creates Electronic Bandage Which Can Heal Wounds Faster. How Awesome is That?

First, there was a gel to instantly stop bleeding. Then, a sponge for sealing gunshot wounds. Now, this.

First, there was a gel to instantly stop bleeding. Then, a sponge for sealing gunshot wounds. Now, this.

Scientists at MIT may have just revolutionized wound and injury care with a hydrogel they have formulated. Associate Professor Xuanhe Zhao, along with graduate and postgraduate students at MIT, have developed a malleable hydrogel that can be embedded with sensors and fitted to other surfaces.

The hydrogel, composed of water and selected biopolymers, has a stiffness range of 10-100 kilopascals similar to human tissue; meaning, their hydrogel can be maximized for medical use. By embedding semiconductor chips, LED lights, conductive wires, and body-measuring sensors, the scientists were able to create a wound dressing capable of fitting in any part of the body. Aside from being a wound dressing, the hydrogel could also dispense medication. Likewise, it can work with smartphones to provide additional information for healthcare workers and the user himself.

Watch this video for more information:

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The creation of this hydrogel can help revolutionize burn and injury treatment; however, its creators are targeting subdermal applications as well. According to Zhao, ” We are working on hydrogel matrices and coatings for implantable devices such as glucose sensors.” Aside from this, he is also planning to use the hydrogel as a carrier for neural probes.

Although the gel is still in the early stages of development, it is highly probable that this wonderful technology will be put to good use in the near future. Who knows, your bandage might do more than just cover your wound in the future.

Source: The Daily Dot


Massive Asteroid Will Fly Close to Earth This Christmas Eve

A huge asteroid is expected to fly close to the planet come Christmas Eve this year.

A huge asteroid is expected to fly close to the Earth come Christmas Eve this year.

Doomsayers and conspiracy theorists predict the massive asteroid called 2003 SD220 may potentially cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on Earth. That’s unlikely going to happen, since the asteroid will be around 6.7million miles away – 28 times further away than the moon.

According to experts, the asteroid is so huge it can possibly wipe out an entire continent in the event of a direct hit. Fortunately, that would not happen since the rock wouldn’t be entering the planet’s atmosphere. ...

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This 30-Second Video Will Teach You A Terrifying Lesson About Planet Earth

The world is changing and this video is the ultimate way to prove it!

Climate change is probably the most popular environmental issue of this generation. It entails the increased emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, subsequently leading to a range of environmental deterioration.

One of the most talked-about issue in the face of the "climate change era" is the continuous rise of sea levels and meltdown of ice in the Antarctic. Because of global warming, the thick sheets of ice that once covered the lands of the North seem to literally melt down, signalling that climate change is indeed happening and the world is facing a big transition.

Some critics say that climate change is an overrated issue and that its effects will not surface until after the next century. But in this video by Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), we cannot agree with the skeptics... not at all....

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Forensic Scientists Reveal The ‘Real Face’ of Jesus Christ

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen.

Renaissance painters often depicted Jesus Christ as this good-looking Caucasian guy who had long brown hair, light complexion, and gentle facial features.

If Dr Richard Neave and his team of forensic experts would be believed, however, it looks like the masters have been wrong all along.

Now a retired medical artist, Dr Neave has worked with forensic scientists as they recreated the face of the Son of God. The team studied Semite skulls and utilized advanced forensic methods....

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