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Beware: Gorgeous Women Specifically Target Unsuspecting, Travelling Men in this ‘Scam’.





I thought that only women are targeted by strangers on the road. Well, here’s a story which proves that men are at risk of dangers too, particularly when they travel alone.

Canada’s Travel and Escape TV station has a YouTube channel that features travel tips, exotic dishes, and a traveler’s personal accounts. The channel also helps tourists to be on guard by exposing scams that specifically target travelling men and women.

Conor Woodman, the host of Travel and Escape's "Scam City"


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Conor Woodman, the handsome host of Scam City, wanted to expose “The Black Widow”- a scam that involves young women who eye older men at bars, pretends to offer sex only to steal her victim’s money and personal belongings. Conor volunteered to be the target of this con-game so he went to a bar and waited, while the show’s crew set up hidden cameras and microphones to capture the moment on tape.

Not long after, Conor was finally approached by an attractive,young woman, who casually offered him to have sex with her. Conor, thinking that this may be what he’s waiting for, allowed himself to be persuaded by the woman to go up to his room with her. In the video below, you’ll witness how the con-woman executed her plan and what she did when Conor revealed that it was also a set-up.

Conor pours her a drink as bait



You’ll also be amazed by how she told the host how the scam works and what she intended to do to her victims!

Watch this video:

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This is a quite a good lesson for travelling men out there. Attractive, young women may approach and flatter you, but you have to be careful…you don’t really know what these strangers are after.

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