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Doctor Fooled Into Buying “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp” For $93,000




  • A doctor in India has been scammed by two fraudsters who sold him a ‘magic lamp.’
  • According to the victim, the men promised him good health and fortune, plus they even conjured a genie.
  • The two have since been arrested while their female accomplice is still on the run.

This is that awkward moment when an Indian man formally filed a complaint against fraudsters who managed to convince him to buy a ‘real-life magic lamp.’ Yes, we’re talking about that kind of lamp Aladdin used in the beloved fairy tale.

According to reports, this recently happened in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and two men have since been arrested. Laeek Khan, who is a doctor by profession, said that the fraudsters promised him “wealth, health and good fortune,” even pretending to have conjured a genie in the process.

They initially asked him 15,000,000 Indian rupees (US$201,200) for the lamp and he eventually gave them 7 million rupees (US$93,000).

At the moment, another suspect – who is a female – is still at large.

A Times of India article tells us that the doctor met the two men as he treated the woman, who he thought was their mother.

The conmen even conjured a ‘genie’ and an ‘Alladin’, further convincing the victim that their magic lamp is legit.

“Gradually they started telling me about a baba (priest) whom they claimed also visited their home. They started brainwashing me and asked me to meet this baba,” Dr. Khan told the police.

“Ikramuddin told me that he has a magical lamp made of gold and it weighs around 5kg. He also said that a genie resides in it. He said the lamp is magical and all my wishes will come true. But I had to keep it locked in a box for two years or else some untoward incident will happen in my family,” he also said in his complaint.

The victim eventually ended up meeting the said baba “who seemed to perform such rituals.” On top of that, a certain ‘Aladdin’ also “made an appearance.”

Senior police officer Amit Rai said:

“The men have also cheated other families using the same modus operandi. The total amount of money involved runs into several million rupees.”

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