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This Haunted House is So Terrifying it Requires Guests to Sign A Waiver





Horror enthusiasts will definitely have a fright night at the 17th Door in Tustin, California, a haunted house so scary you need to sign a waiver to enter.

That’s right, you actually need to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand the risk of entering the horror house and that the venue is not liable for anything that may happen to you.

A brainchild of couple Robbie and Heather Luther, 17th Door is dubbed as the most petrifying horror house in the world and is based on the nightmares of a college student named Paula. Visitors must conquer 17 interactive experience rooms, each more messed up than the last.

For about 90 seconds, visitors experience all things hellish until the bell rings.


The ring signals them to move to the next room.


Of course, there’s always the option to shout the safe word “mercy” for escape. However, that won’t entitle you for a refund.

The actors may grab you and some things may fall on top of you. You may also get wet,” it warned in its website.

The haunted house is so scary it requires guests to sign waiver.


My original plan was to do a haunted house so extreme and awesome that it would get protested by all these groups and then I would get shut down,” Robbie shared.

Since it opened to the public on September 25, about a quarter of its hundreds of its visitors have shouted mercy before finishing the 30-minute experience.

Here’s a short preview of what visitors are in for.

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Do you have the guts to enter the 17th Door?

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