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Teen Gets Facial Tattoos To Look Like His Favorite Rapper




  • Russian teen Vladimir Roslyakov is a big fan of American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.
  • He loves his music and his looks so much that he decided to get some facial tattoos himself.
  • The teen also added that his mom paid for his skin art.

He’s only 17 years old but Vladimir Roslyakov already has quite a lot of tattoos all over his body. In fact, he even has some on his face and, by his own admission, says he got them to look more like his favorite rapper.

You see, the Russian teen idolizes controversial American rap star Tekashi 6ix9ine and wants to mimic his appearance. So he went ahead and got his face inked. Since he’s still a student, his mother even had to shoulder the expenses for the tattoos.

Vladimir Roslyakov, 17. loves rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s looks and music.

“At first, I was shocked how you could get such tattoos on your body but then liked it and got one of those too,” said Vladimir.

His mom paid for his tattoos.

“She pays for them because she knows that I’ll do it anyway so it’s better for me that I have them done in a tattoo salon rather than God knows where.”

His collection of tattoos grew from there and now he has several on his face, although he admits his family members aren’t exactly thrilled about it.

“They now don’t react to them (tattoos) but they are at least happy when a new one is not on my face,” he mentioned.

Vladimir is currently working on his own music and is expected to release his rap album come summer season.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, rapper and member of street gang Nine Trey Gangsters.

Meanwhile, an article by The Sun tells us that Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, “rose to prominence as a musician in 2017, but is currently serving a two-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to nine criminal charges, including conspiracy to murder and armed robbery.”

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