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Florida Student Arrested For Hacking Homecoming Queen Votes




  • Florida high school student Emily Grover and her mom Laura Carroll ended up getting arrested after they allegedly hacked the home coming queen results.
  • Carroll, who serves as Belview Elementary School’s assistant principal let her daughter access school records to gain fake votes.
  • Now the two are facing charges nd may end up getting imprisoned for a maximum of 16 years.

Some people would do anything just to ensure victory – even go beyond what’s good and legal. Case in point, a high school student from Florida got into serious trouble after allegedly hacking her way into winning as Tate High School homecoming queen.

According to reports, Emily Grover rigged the elections with the help of her mom Laura Carroll, who is the assistant principal of Belview Elementary School.

The two were arrested in March as authorities said Carroll used her special access to the district student data system to add hundreds of fake votes in behalf of her daughter.

The act eventually led to Grover being expelled from the school with Carroll getting suspended from her job.

Sources also told authorities that Grover had her mother’s password and had been boasting to her friends that she could easily access their grades. When she used it to boost her votes as homecoming queen, someone exposed her.

Grover was merely 17 when she was arrested and she has just turned 18 last April 16 so she will soon appear in court as an adult.

“This is not unusual with young people of that age,” said assistant state attorney John Molchan about the case. “Juvenile (court) cannot do anything or supervise them after they become 18. And so it just makes better sense to move them into adult court where they can be supervised effectively.”

As of this writing, Carroll and Grover remain free but are on $6,000 and $2,000 bond respectively. Both are facing charges for illegally accessing student records and may face a maximum jail time of 16 years.

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