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Teen boy loses left leg in a horrific escalator accident in Mexico City

After several escalator accidents in China, a teenage boy lost his leg in a horrific escalator accident in Mexico City.

A 13-year-old boy who failed to notice that his shoelaces had come undone lost his left leg after getting dragged by an escalator.

The unnamed teenage boy from Mexico City was out shopping with his friends in the Plaza Aragon mall in Mexico City when the horrible accident occurred.

Apparently, his untied shoelaces got caught in the mechanism. As a result, the boy was dragged into the moving stairs causing him to sustain serious injuries. Doctors attempted to save his leg but were left without a choice but to amputate it.

Several onlookers tried to capture the accident on camera but police officers prevented them from recording the scene.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

The escalator accident, which caused national outrage, is believed to be the first one which happened in Mexico.

Last month, a woman from China tragically died after the metal panel at the top of the escalator collapsed. Luckily, the 30-year-old woman identified as Xiang Liujuan was able to push her toddler to safety moments before she fell.

Watch the video below.

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Source: The Mirror UK



The 20 Most Gorgeous Trees From Around the World

Take a look at the 20 most beautiful trees on earth.


I have always enjoyed travelling to remote areas and visiting the countryside. I gaze at the blue sky; the mountain ranges; and the clear, turquoise water and it makes me wonder how the world looked before houses and tall edifices replaced the trees and plants in the city. I look around me and imagine a place full of vibrant colours, similar to Robin William’s 1998 movie, “What Dreams May Come.”

Being a nature lover myself, I cannot comprehend living in a place without plants such as trees because they provide us with food, shelter, and oxygen. Moreover, these living things are also beautiful to look at; all over the world, there are various kinds of trees and other plants with captivating shapes, sizes, and colours. In fact, these trees are so astonishing that they look almost unreal.

Here is a list of the 20 most beautiful trees (vines and bushes included) on Earth:...

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What Does The Length Of Your Finger Say About You? Take This Quick Personality Test Now!

This simple quiz will tell your personality by the length of your fingers.

Fortune-telling activities are popular all over the world. This is understandable because the thought of knowing the unknown really sparks great interest among people. Tarot cards, crystal balls, human palms -- all these are being utilized by fortune tellers to take a glimpse of the future.

But do you know that personalities can be identified with just a glance at your fingers? Of course, the fun part here is that you don't have to go out of the house anymore. Yes, you can do it by yourself plus there truly is no harm in trying so allow us to show you how...

First, look at your hand and compare the length of your ring finger and index finer.


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The Fukang Meteorite Is Probably The Most Attractive Space Stone Ever

Interestingly, the Fukang meteorite has translucent golden crystals, making it unique among other space rocks of its kind.

Found in a small town in China’s Xinjiang Province fifteen years ago, the Fukang Meteorite is considered by many as the most beautiful extraterrestrial rock ever found by man.

The meteorite was accidentally discovered by a hiker who often rested on the rock to have his meal. He was always fascinated by the unique rock. Out of curiosity, he took a hammer and a chisel to cut a few pieces of it and found it had metallic crystal components. The sample was eventually sent to the United States and was confirmed to be a rock from outer space.

Named after the town where it was first discovered, the Fukang meteorite has attractive translucent golden crystals.


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