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After Watching This Freak Accident in China You May Not Want to Ride an Escalator Ever Again

Mother’s love prevails during a freak escalator accident in China.

“A mother, there to support you,
And hold you up whenever you need her.”

— Laurel Stephens

They say a mother’s love for her child cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Mothers always come to the rescue whenever their children need help, especially during dangerous situations. Such is the case of the mother in this video, who bravely risks her life for her child.

In the video that you are about to see, the mother and child are seen riding the escalator going  up to another floor in a shopping mall in Jingzhou City, China. Little did they know that the seemingly innocuous escalator ride would result in a fateful parting.

Watch the shocking video below:

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Despite the tragedy, the child was given a precious gift by his mother – a second chance at life. And the mother, no matter how dreadful the outcome, was able to fulfill her role up until the end – to be the best mother that she could ever be.


This Father Was Busy Shopping and Forgot His Son for a Minute. The Result? I’m so TERRIFIED!

That was terrifying! Glad he’s okay.

So if I sprinkle magic dust on me, I could fly like Peter huh? Does happily ever after exist? Why can’t I breathe like Nemo when I’m underwater? Where does poop come from? These are just few of the who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-questions for a parent with a very witty and curious kid. Remember the saying curiosity killed the cat? This toddler nearly died when he was dragged by an escalator while his father was preoccupied shopping for his luggage.

The first attempt was merely a tip on the iceberg. It is however, on the second attempt of touching the handrail of the escalator when the kid was dragged by the said machinery. Luckily, the kid seemed to have enjoyed it and thought he was superman. Thankfully, a gentleman rushed to rescue the boy. His father followed afterwards upon noticing the incident.

Watch the video:


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