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Teacher Returns Students’ Confiscated Love Letter On Their Wedding Day

“I confiscated your love letter when you were still in secondary school.”


Wedding guests celebrate the happy gathering of two people by showing up to the wedding with the best gift in the pile. Some even honor the couple’s bond with personalized wedding gifts that they’ll cherish forever.

However, one man arguably gave the most unique and memorable wedding gift you’ve seen so far. A newlywed couple in China were touched at their wedding after a former teacher returned a love letter that he had once confiscated from them.

The touching scene was caught on camera and it was posted on China’s Twitter-like Weibo, which gathered more than 220 million views in just one day. It quickly became a trending topic on the platform.

The high school sweethearts invited their teacher to make a speech about their early days as a young couple.

In the video, the teacher will be seen going up on stage to present his gift to the couple at the wedding, which took place earlier this month.

He said:

“I confiscated your love letter when you were still in secondary school. I actually wanted to return it to you after graduation. Unfortunately, I may have been a little late in ‘delivering’ the letter.”

It is believed that the teacher may have confiscated the letter from the young students to ensure that they would concentrate on their studies.

As expected, the video attracted a lot of heartfelt, sentimental comments.

Some of them read:

“Although this teacher has no blood ties with the students, he still wishes to see them together and be successful in the future. What a noble teacher.”

“Now this is a teacher with a heart.”

“This makes me so happy. It’s a story from school uniform to wedding dress.”

“The teacher is so considerate and has kept the letters all these years.”

Unfortunately, we will never know what was written on the note as the content of the love letter was never disclosed.

Watch the video here:

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