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Kindergarten Teacher Moved From Class After His Tattoos Scared A Child




  • Sylvain Helaine, 35, is a Paris-based teacher.
  • He, however, has been moved from his kindergarten class after a parent complained about how his tattoos “scared” one of the younger students.

Sylvain Helaine is covered with tattoo from head to toe. It may surprise some people but yes, he is actually a school teacher by profession.

The 35-year-old man from Paris, France teachers a kindergarten class but unfortunately, his skin art has gotten in the way after one parent made a complaint about it, saying that their child – who isn’t even in Sylvain’s class – is afraid of his appearance.

Moved to another class because of his tattoos.

So instead of teaching the kindergarten children, the Docteur Morere Elementary School made the decision to move him to a diferent class where he will be teaching students ages 6 years and up.

In an interview, Sylvain shared:

“The Inspection Académique no longer wanted me to go work in kindergarten to avoid receiving letters of complaint. They didn’t want to rock the boat, and wanted to avoid parents from complaining about my appearance.”

Sylvain believes he is a “good teacher.”

According to Sylvain, he does not consider his tattoos as an obstacle.

“I think I am a good teacher and do my best at my job and progress from year to year.”

Furthermore, the complains usually come from parents of children that aren’t in his class.

“With the parents of the children I have in class, everything is going well. With the children too, once the surprise is over, we work well and they think I’m the coolest,” he said.

One of his pupils admitted that he was “scared at first” because of Sylvain’s tattooed eyes. “Now I’m not afraid, he’s even almost my favorite teacher,” confessed the youngster. “He’s a nicer teacher than I actually thought.”

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