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These Super Realistic Baby Masks Will Surely Freak You Out!





If you have any doubt that masks can be a work of art, then these creations of artist Landon Meier will definitely change your mind. But these are not your ordinary masks…

These are giant baby heads and they are designed to freak people out!

Meier first became popular with the hyper-realistic masks he made out of the likeness of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders.


These were actually creepy enough.

Still, they pale in comparison to the baby heads he made.


Using his incredible skill and technique, he made these masks means that can make you laugh or scared, depending on your tolerance for weirdness.

A “family” wore these masks out in public and the passerbys reaction was just hilarious.


Watch the video here and see how it went:

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You want something weirder?

Now here’s a Grandma pushing a “baby” and spending a day at the park.

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Here’s something really cool:

Actor Bryan Cranston wore Meier’s Walter White mask at the 2013 Comic Con.

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Needless to say, we’re both impressed and freaked out by Meier’s creations. Kudos to you, sir, for your awesome lifelike masks!

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