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Funny Mom Shows Why She Can’t Use Her Bra As An Emergency Face Mask




  • Gemma Harman, 40, recently made netizens laugh after sharing why she can’t use her bra as an emergency mask.
  • Her post has since attracted thousands of reactions and shares online.
  • “It has been really nice to put some joy out there,” she said about her viral photos.

Wearing a mask has become one of the most basic requirements for entering many establishments these days in the middle of the pandemic. And yes, we’ve been seeing a lot of people being a bit creative with their choice of masks.

Case in point, 40-year-old mother-of-one Gemma Harman recently caught a lot of attention after her funny photos went viral on social media. In the said pics, we see her using a bra as a DIY mask but not in a way most people would expect.\

Meet funny mom Gemma Harman.

Of course, the curvy woman was quick to point out that she was merely imitating a trend among “young” and “slender” women online. The result, as you can see below, is pretty hilarious!

Some younger ladies have been showing how to use bras as emergency masks.

Other ladies who used their bras as emergency masks efectively covered their noses and mouths. As for Gemma, well let’s just say she managed to cover much, much more than that!

Gemma shared:

“I saw that people were wearing their bras as face masks. They were all very slender young women, and their masks fit beautifully – nice and tidy over their noses and mouths.”

“I don’t think most women would be able to make their bra fit them so well as a face mask. I wondered what would happen if I tried.

“I am not young nor slender, so I knew there was no way I was going to be able to do it. The cup covered my entire face.”

She likewise pointed out:

“I would be really well protected because there’s no way anything would be getting through it. Although I might end up with a couple of bruises from bumping into things. I couldn’t see a thing.”

Gemma posted the pictures on her social media account, thinking it would elicit laughter. Much to her surprise, it eventually went viral.

“Everybody has found it really funny. It has been really nice to put some joy out there. Everyone needs something to laugh about at the moment,” she shared. “It’s a really quite worrying time but you can’t let it get you down so I’m trying to stay positive and keep cracking jokes.”

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