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Train Passengers Had A Party After Getting Stuck For 10 Hours

Stuck for 10 hours with no food and water, these passengers decided to party!

Mark Andrew





You know that proverbial phrase about life, lemons and lemonades? Well these stranded train passengers just took that saying to a whole new level!

As the reports tell us, a bunch of passengers have been stuck on a train in the UK due to Storm Emma. Among them were Nicky Marcelin-Horne, who hails from Bournemouth, and her work colleagues Ralph Barrett and Steven Davies. They left London Waterloo to Poole but the train had to stop because of heavy snow – and they ended up in the carriage for over 10 hours.

First off, yes, it was a serious problem.

As Nicky posted on social media:

“We are actually stranded. No hotels, no movement apparently we aren’t moving all night. Now the next train has broken in front and back after moving another off… We are in for the night… No water, no food. The longer we stay the icer it gets and other trains can’t move. We need to tweet the news to get someone to do something. This crazy. Please can we ask people to tweet the broadcasters. This is not good it’s cold and dark.”

However, instead of complaining, the group made friends with the other passengers.

Sure, it’s a terrible situation to be in but these guys were determined to stay positive about it instead. They began making friends with everyone and, from the looks of it, they all had a great time there, despite the hassle.

A Broadcast headhunter for Caspian One, Nicky told Metro:

“There was about 20 of us in one carriage and then others in the other side. We were the happy side. Singing and trying to keep happy. They were such a good group of people.”

The train driver likewise came out and joined the fun. At one point, it even went dark.

As Nicky described:

“We tried to keep positive. When it went dark, Steve started to sing happy birthday to keep us all happy.

“But it started getting colder when the heaters went down. We were all concerned. It was scary. One girl who was travelling to Weymouth was really cold and worried so we all gave her clothes and kept her positive.”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Mom’s Heartbreaking Post About Bullied Daughter Goes Viral on Social Media

“This is NOT ok! My daughter has been physically bullied by the same 3 little boys in 4 months. I’m done!”

Mark Andrew



Bullying is always a controversial topic and it’s very heartbreaking when we hear about the stories of young victims. One mother from Louisberg, North Carolina has had enough of three boys bullying her daughter and so she took her fury to social media.

According to the mother, she has gotten frustrated of the whole situation because the principal has taken no action despite the repeated instances of bullying. Her post has eventually garnered a lot of support from numerous netizens.

Since moving to the area, Aimee Johnson’s daughter has been physically and mentally bullied three times on the bus.

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Transgender Boy Wins Texas Girls’ State Wrestling Championship For The Second Time

He’d always wanted to fight against boys.




Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs has once again won the girls' state wrestling championship in Texas despite controversy over his participation in a match against girls. The 18-year-old student of Euless Trinity High School beat Chelsea Sanchez on Saturday in the 110-pound division match.

Beggs, born female, is currently transitioning to male and has been taking testosterone in low doses. Beggs wanted to fight against boys, but according to Texas high school rules, athletes should be pitted against contestants who are of the same gender as stated on their birth certificate.

Beggs' victory was both cheered on and booed based on a video posted online.

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YouTuber Who Said Being Vegan Cures Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

She believed that her diet has cured her of breast cancer.

Angela Beltran



A YouTube vlogger, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, rejected traditional medicine and said that going vegan is the best way to battle the disease. Mari Lopez, who was popular for promoting a vegan lifestyle, has died from the illness.

Lopez, based on her previous videos, claimed that a plant-based diet has cured her of breast cancer and lesbianism. She manages the food channel at home alongside her niece, Liz Johnson.

Lopez did not have chemotherapy and radiation therapy when she was diagnosed with the potentially-fatal disease two years ago.

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