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12 Of The Year’s Most Inspiring Moments Captured On Camera

The contest asked people to send photos that “make them feel inspired and optimistic about the world we live in” – and these are the winners.

Mark Andrew





With all the negativity happening in the world today, it’s always a breath of fresh air whenever we see the exact opposite from time to time. That’s why we love it whenever we hear about heartwarming stories and videos going viral on social media. We all need some positivity in our lives.

Case in point, the photos you’ll see below have been recognized as winners in a contest that asked participants in the UK to submit the most inspiring pictures. A project by the CEWE Photoworld company and mental health charity Mind, the contest My Inspiring Moments aims to inspire people through photography.

Leanne Vennard’s entry was named as the overall winner.

The photo showed her son and her friend touching hands across a table. Leanne shared:

“I went out with a photography friend and my son for the first time and my shy quiet boy took to him straight away.

“My friend took to him too and I was able to get this beautiful shot of them. It’s one of my all-time favorites.”

Here are the 11 other winners from the competition:

#1. Photo by Samantha Wenham (Billinge, Merseyside)

#2. Photo by Louise Waldron (Peterborough)

#3. Photo by Theresa Wakeley (Glasgow)

#4. Photo by William Kistler (Buckinghamshire)

#5. Photo by Russ Tierney (Rhyl)

#6. Photo by Stephen Root (Burnley)

#7. Photo by Pete Stevens (Inverclyde)

#8. Photo by Margaret Travers (London)

#9. Photo by Karlene Laycock (Cheadle)

#10. Photo by Hazel Sitaras (Barrowford, Lancashire)

#11. Photo by John Cuthbert (Southampton)

According to a Metro report, the 12 winning photos will be featured in a charity calendar which will benefit Mind.

Meanwhile, CEWE Photoworld digital marketing director Clare Moreton pointed out:

“Our research found that while people are taking more photos than at any other time in history, the pressure to post our lives on social media has taken away the joy of photography for photography’s sake.

“The CEWE My Inspiring Moments competition aimed to bring the joy back into photography as an art form, asking people to share the photos that make them feel inspired and optimistic about the world we live in.

“It was a delight to see all the amazing entries we received from people across the country and it was difficult selecting just 12 photos to win out of hundreds of entries.

“We are looking forward to publishing our winners’ photos in our charity calendar and raising much deserved funds for Mind, which does great work in ensuring no one has to face mental health problems alone.”

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Artist Creates Incredibly-Detailed Mini Sculpture of Freddie Mercury Using PVC Clay

This is very impressive!

Mark Andrew



Freddie Mercury isn’t only a talented songwriter and a charismatic frontman for Queen. A scientific research even tells us that he is the greatest singer ever who had a “different vibrato than most humans.”

With the hit 2018 biopic entitled “Bohemian Rhapsody” starring Rami Malek, there’s no question that Mercury’s legacy will continue to live on in the generations to come. Suffice it to say he is a rock icon that will forever be loved by fans young and old.

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27 Photos Of Realistic Sand Art

#8 is unbelievable!




There are so many creative people in the world, and sometimes the classic pencil and paper just don’t cut it for their wild imagination anymore. Now, you can see art everywhere, even at the beach, which is called a sand art.

Sand art is the practice of modeling sand into an artistic form. While most of us are still trying to make a decent sand castle, sand artists have already taken things to a whole new level and created sculptures, portraits, and more with sand! Here are 27 photos of realistic sand art that you should see to believe.

1. You don't need a Golden Ticket to experience this masterpiece.

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25 Photos That Won The Prestigious Siena International Photo Awards

These are breathtaking!




Siena International Photo Awards (SIPAContest) is a photography competition from around the world that is judged by experts. The panel includes distinguished photographers, editors, and well-known buyers.

The 2018 Siena International Photo Awards has received 48,000 submissions from 156 countries. In total, the entrants competed in 11 categories, including this year’s special category, Splash of Colors.

Here are 25 photos that won the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards:

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