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Starving Toddler Breastfed by Pregnant Dog After Drunk Mother Abandoned Him

No child should be forced to scavenge for food and rely on a dog’s breast milk for survival.

Ann Nuñez





Mothers are known to have an innate protective nature, making sure that their young are safe and being cared for. Having said that, not all mothers have that quality ingrained in them; some are quite unprepared for the new responsibility and tend to neglect or abuse their young.

Such is the case of the two-year-old toddler rescued by police in Chile, in which police received reports from concerned citizens about a naked toddler being nursed by a pregnant dog. Immediately after the rescue mission, police rushed the child to a nearby hospital.

The child was rescued in an impoverished area of Chile.


Photo credit: Daily Mail
Reina, the neighbor’s  pregnant dog, nursed the starving toddler.


Photo credit: Inquisitr

According to hospital staff, the child was malnourished and had skin infection and lice infestation. Apparently, the mother left the child unattended without any food or water, leaving him to fend for himself. The child was discharged from the hospital and placed in government child welfare, with the parents facing a complaint in family court.

Watch the video below:

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This story is truly heartbreaking, and it’s hard to understand what was going through the mind of his mother, leaving him alone without any provision. No child should be forced to scavenge for food and rely on a dog’s breast milk for survival.

Source: Inquisitr/Daily Mail

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Boy’s Reaction to His Mom’s Pregnancy Announcement is Just Precious

Ethan is absolutely ready to become a big brother!

Grace Alviar Viray



Having a new member of the family is always exciting, not just for the parents but for the older children as well. Take for example, Ethan Bromby who wasn't just happy and excited - he even offered his bed to his unborn sibling.

In the video taken by his mom Sarah, Ethan was handed a card with his unborn sibling's ultrasound photo. Although it became a guessing game at first, his face suddenly brightened when his mom told him that it was her unborn baby.

You will see how maturely he took it. He was composed and just calmly happy until he started to realize how a big deal it would be once the baby came out. He kept on asking his mom if the baby was really inside her belly until he finally cheered "Yes!" when the idea of becoming a big brother finally sank in.

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Massive Sphere of Light: UFO Sighting In Miami Airport, Florida

Citizens believe they saw a UFO in Miami Airport. It was actually an Atlas V rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.

Mark Andrew



Alarmed citizens recently took to Facebook as they spotted an unidentified flying object over Miami Airport, Florida, with many of them posting videos of the footage they took with their phone cameras.

MarEugenia Pereira Quidiello was among the first to upload such a video. She captioned her post as “UFO! Today at 5 AM Miami Airport, Florida my daughter took it!!” and it showed the big blue comet-shaped light in the sky.

The video was uploaded September 2, 2015 and it immediately attracted a lot of attention online. In fact, it has received almost 4 million views and 124,000 shares in just a few days.

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15 Unbelievable Photos That Are 100% Real

#13 is totally insane!

Mini Malabanan



Nowadays, it’s hard to spot a real photo from a Photoshopped one. Over the past years, people’s Photoshop skills have leveled up to the point that we are left wondering if there are still untouched images existing in this world. For instance, looking at the models in fashion spreads will make you question if such women really exist in real life. We all know that their images were actually enhanced, making them look far different from the actual.

Although most of these photos look altered, all of these are absolutely real. These jaw-dropping photos are mostly a combination of optical illusions, perfect timing, insanely stunning scenes, or incredible works of art.

Prepare to be amazed by these mind-bending photos. #13 is totally insane!

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