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Soldier Father Gives His Son an Emotional Surprise at an Awarding Ceremony

Father surprises his sons during an awards ceremony.

Ann Moises





Soldiers fight not just the war but their own desire to be with their own families whenever duty calls.  These brave and selfless men and women are fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and somebody’s sons and daughters too. They’ve made great sacrifices just to protect us from all dangers and threats.

The least we can all do is to honor and respect them.

Hunter Dodd wanted to do more for his father. This young man from Easley, South Carolina wants to follow his dad’s footsteps. His father, Staff Sgt. Christopher Page had been away for a year serving the country in Afghanistan. So when Hunter’s school was about to award the ROTC battalion, which he led to a national competition, he could only wish that his father was there so he can make him proud.

He didn’t know that his wish came true. During the awards ceremony, Hunter’s father was in a room waiting for the moment to give him his medal.

Hunter’s 12-year-old brother was also oblivious of what was about to happen. So when they finally saw each other again, they weren’t able to contain their emotions.

Watch this touching video:

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Kim Jong-Un of North Korea Claimed that a Unicorn Lair was Discovered in Pyongyang

North Korea’s supreme leader had their country’s inimitable news agency reconfirm the existence of a unicorn lair in Pyongyang.

Ann Moises



Having isolated itself from the rest of the world, no one can tell or sure what goes on in North Korea.

The Hermit Kingdom strictly forbids foreign media, tourist interactions, and basically,  no one there is allowed to use the internet. It seems that the government wants to control all the information that goes in and out of their country.

Three years ago, their supreme leader Kim Jong Un ordered the Korean Central News Agency---North Korea's official and reputable state news agency---to validate his suspicions and reconfirm the existence of a secret unicorn lair that was discovered by archeologists in Pyongyang City.

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A Touching Scene: Homeless Boy Uses Light From McDonald’s to Do His Homework

Poverty didn’t stop him from trying to do well in school.




A lot of kids dread doing their homework and will do anything just to avoid it. There are kids who hate going to school altogether and would rather spend their time online or playing video games. These children have no idea how lucky they are, because there are kids out there who will give anything just for the chance to do well in school.

This young boy from the Philippines has big dreams and he will do whatever it takes to achieve it…even if it means doing his homework outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Daniel patiently studies outside the restaurant, making use of the light spilling outside.


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Woman Rejected by Tinder Date for Being Too Fat Finds a Novel Way to Hit Back at Him

That’s an epic response! I hope all men will learn from her story.

Mini Malabanan



Have you ever experienced dating someone from Tinder and then they turned out to be your worst nightmare?

Apparently, a woman named Michelle Thomas from Crystal Palace, South East London did.

A writer and a cafe manager, Thomas spent a week chatting with a man she identified as “Simon” in the dating app called Tinder.

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