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Touching Social Experiment Teaches Us to Be More Compassionate Toward the Homeless

No hate, just love.


It’s easier to be indifferent than to be compassionate. And when faced with matters that are far from our own experiences, it’s much easier to judge than to understand. When dealing with the homeless, for example, those who have never experienced sleeping on the cold streets can easily say the homeless should get a job or work harder – all while not having a clear picture of the obstacles and hurdles they have to conquer.

A social experiment by YouTubers and brothers Moe and ET is again making the rounds for its strong message. They also enlisted the help of their younger brother, Omar. In one of New York’s busy streets, they decided to first observe a homeless man and how he was being treated by passersby.

This homeless man was constantly ignored by passersby.

The man was constantly ignored by everyone who passed by him. At some parts of the video, he even looked like he was tearing up and wiping his tears. After a while of observing the man, Oman was brought into the scene. @MoeAndET claim the homeless man didn’t know Omar was only pretending to be homeless.

He was also berated and humiliated.

Omar was given change, fist bumps, and hugs by passersby, while the older homeless man was ignored. At one point, a police officer even berated him, and another man dumped his food on him.

Despite the cruel way he was treated, the homeless man decided to still do something good for somebody else. With the little money he had, he decided to buy a slice of pizza and a bottle of water to share with Omar.

Despite the cruelty of others, he decided to do something good for someone else.

Of course, his kind gesture did not go unnoticed. Moe and ET introduced themselves and talked to the man a bit about his experience. They also gave him some money to help him.

Watch the complete social experiment here:

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This social experiment definitely made an impact on us. Tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.


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