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Mom Shares Photos Of How Melanoma Almost Ate Her Forehead





You’ve either heard or read a lot of inspiring stories from people who kept on fighting the good fight. It could be about surviving after a near-death experience. Or perhaps a story about grandparents who never lost hope despite their granddaughter’s condition. All of these continue to show up on the internet.

This story about a mom who battled skin cancer is among them. Bethany Gambardella-Greenway found out about her condition while she was pregnant with her youngest kid. Thinking it was a simple dark spot, she ignored it. But to her horror, she was actually facing melanoma.

Interestingly, her dermatologist assumed it was nothing to be worried about. But several months later, a painful mole appeared on her forehead. The biopsy suggested that it was a life-threatening skin cancer called desmoplastic melanoma.

The doctors were successful in removing the mole, but the cancer had already spread to the other parts of her body.

Bethany revealed that the radiation process she underwent almost “fried” the insides of her mouth. Her throat was painful, while her skin was full or sores. She even lost the ability to taste and speak (her voice was hoarse). Three weeks after the treatment, her hair started to fall. She joked that the treatment somehow helped her loss weight. She dropped to 40 pounds.

Now I am almost completely healed from the radiation which permanently damaged one saliva gland and altered my hairline.”

She documented her journey in hopes to warn others about her condition.

Apparently, her mother also had melanoma back in the day. Hence she wasn’t surprise with the findings. Her mother even experienced it when she was around the same age as her.

Fortunately, Bethany defeated the cancer and was announced all-clear by her doctors. This didn’t stop her from her mission, though. Now, she’s trying to inform the public about the horrors of melanoma. She pinpoints the importance of wearing sunscreen, which is an effective means to prevent the said cancer from appearing.

Bethany went to Facebook to share her experience. She shared some photos showcasing her treatment and the physical changes she endured over time.

Even at the brink of death, she still managed to wear a smile and a, well… you know what it is.

Bethany admitted that at first, she thought the dark spot was simply a result of hormonal changes in her body.

Her dermatologist even thought it was just a liver spot or something.

She decided to document her treatment.

The 39-year-old mother wants people to understand the risk of tanning.

Experts suggest that melanoma often resembles mole.

When left untreated, it can quickly develop in a matter of days or weeks.

Bethany warns that Melanoma is by far the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

The main cause of this cancer is the ultraviolet radiation.

This radiation is present in the likes of sunshine and tanning beds.

The cancer will trigger mutation, allowing the skin cells to multiply exponentially.

But as the skin cells mutate or increase, they form malignant tumors in a person's body. In Bethany's case, it was on her forehead.

Bethany's goal is for people to lessen their time under the radiation.

She even advises to use sunscreen or veer away from tanning salons.

Fortunately, she survived the near-death experience.

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